Goat's Milk Soap

Five goat's milk soaps



Olive Oil

Goat's Milk

Coconut Oil

Palm Oil



Cocoa Butter

Castor Oil


I am currently too busy with my kids and college to make or even think about soapmaking at this time.

Common Questions Asked About My Soap

Q.  Does your soap lather well?

A.  The lather that my soap produces is rich and creamy.

Q.  Why is the soap light beige and not white?

A.  The color of the olive oil is light to medium golden and the cocoa butter is light beige.  These oils are what makes the soap not totally white. 

Q.  You say it is unscented.  Does is have any smell at all?

A.  When the soap is first cut, it does have a "soapy" scent.  As it cures, the scent fades almost to nothing.

Q.  Why must the soap have water in it?  I don't like "watered down" products.

A. The water is used to dilute the granular lye. The lye-water mixture is then added to the oils to make soap.  The lye must be diluted with water before it is put in with the oils.  After the mixture turns into soap, the bars are cut and the soap is left to dry for four or more weeks.  During this time the water evaporates so that the soap is not soft when it is used.  If it is too soft, it will not last very long and will end up as a nasty puddle in the soap dish!

I have heard from a friend that you can use all milk instead of water and still have a light-colored bar.  I will try this next time I make soap.  She says you have to freeze the milk for a while before you make soap.

Q.  Why do homemade soaps like yours cost so much more than store bought soaps?  It seems like a lot of money for a bar of soap.

A. Take a look at the label on a bar of store bought soap the next time you buy some.  Chances are it's mostly a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals.  My soaps are made from all natural oils and are unscented and free of dyes.  The oils that make up my soap all possess qualities which have been proven to improve the health of your skin.  Also, my homemade soap lasts much longer in the shower than store bought soaps. Try it yourself and see, you'll never go back to store bought soaps again.